I have been told that I am also a bit of an extrovert – a person who is friendly and outgoing. While that maybe true, it is not the true meaning of extraversion. Basically, an extrovert is a person who is energized around other people. This is opposite to an introvert who is energized by being alone. You learn something new about yourself every day.

My personal control is an Internal locus of control, where i like to take personal control over my life, and an external locus of control is where i feel most comfortable within boundaries that are set externally.

When things are going well for me, I will use my negotiation and persuasive skills to get things done. I am logical and imaginative. I have a strong sense of what is right and wrong, and when things are going badly i become much more outspoken in expressing my views, and stay cool and analytical in my thinking. I will challenge systems and rules that don’t meet my needs. I am extroverted and emotionally stable, with a positive outlook on life.

That’s too much detail about me, but what i have stated about myself is well balanced.

I have had an interesting seventeen years In the Public Service as an administrator. I have worked in diverse working environments, with people from all races and religions, represented people through industrial relations, contributed to public consultations, prisoners rights, and managed an information desk service for the police. Then along came another recession, in April 2009, that blows a whole in your career that you have created through your working life.

In times of trouble however, you must always have a goal, easy to say if you have some financial backing, otherwise the struggle can be hard. But the fact still remains that goals in your life help you focus, as the days can get long and hard at home if your not working. That’s why I am studying for a change of career, as a web designer through the Skillstrain at that will hopefully enhance my new career. Its taken me nearly three years to eventually finish my studies, and i hope its worth it??

I am looking to business to give me a start in my new career, what are the chances??? I have already studied English Language, and English Literature to level ‘C’ so this is my last learning.

As we all have to make our own pension arrangement in the current climate, this has led people to such avarice lengths in making as much money as they can towards their last days. To be comfortable when you retire has to be every ones goal for the future. I’m on the side of us, as those who controls our, and the countries finances cannot be trusted. We suffer for their mistakes, but when we make mistakes we have to suffer.

I have done a few jobs in my life time since leaving school. It is now time i did something for myself. I am re-training now to persue my career goals, I’m not saying i didn’t make any mistakes, because i did, but I can read, write, mix socially, and live by societies rules that are getting more, and more of a hindrance these days due to world pressures. It’s dog eat dog world out there, and looking after number one, seems to be the new way forward.

I had a bit of an education yesterday, did you know that children start making decisions for themselves at the age of four years?? I’m still making mine! you never stop learning. children still look to their mother to show them guidance in society, showing them what is right, and wrong in society. Though as an adult i am socially adept in managing life’s ever-changing rules, due to my open personality, and experience of mixing, and working with different people from different nationalities and backgrounds, when it comes to earning money it’s a whole different ball game.


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