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Facebook – Farm Ville’s Game

Web Development

If you are—or you know friends who are—addicted to the FarmVille game on Facebook you’ll know the power
of Web development.  In just a few months, FarmVille’s popularity has spread across the globe as Facebook
fans tend to their farms and buy virtual goods. The game, including others by FarmVille developer Zynga,
has netted the start-up of more than 200 million monthly unique users for its online apps. One financial analyst
reckons Zynga could be valued at $1 billion if it were to go IPO in mid-2010.
Developing Facebook games is just one extreme of the vast Web development spectrum. I would love to build iPhone apps which could also be very profitable, writes Web developer and blogger Glen Stansberry.
As moderator of the Freelance Switch job board, Stansberry listed other popular Web development skills including Framework knowledge, widget development, content management system customizations (for small businesses looking to create a unique look to their standard WordPress and Drupal blogs), and JavaScript Plugin creation.
No one is more passionate about Web Development than me. Well, once i qualify as a Wed Site Manager this year, i tend to go flat-out in finding a new career in web development. Ok, I’m not an expert like all those full-time developers, designers out there, but i will have a very good try. My expertise will be in Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, Flash, and Photo Shop Elements 6.
WordPress is a fantastic blogging platform, I love using it! But if you are using a fresh WordPress install you’ll probably not get much in the way of traffic. Luckily WordPress is super easy to optimize. Here’s a short tutorial on how you can take a standard WordPress blog and optimize it to get more traffic from search engines.
Firstly, the most important things is your “web page titles”. Search engines need to know what ur post i all about, so if you are writing on a specific subject such as web development, hen you should your post a title such as “Development of the Web”. Go to the Admin panel, then presentation>Theme Editor and pick your current theme. Select Header from the list of pages at the side.
The second step, is “keywords in content. Using keywords in your post title is important, but also use keywords throughout your post. Concentrate on your first paragraph, then vary your main keywords throughout the rest of your post. For example, while you maybe posting about JavaScript, why not talk about “programming Language”, and “web development”
The third suggestion is using the “Perma-link Structure” – setting up your blog in the root directory as search spiders can be slow to spider content located several directories deep. Log into WordPress admin panel, then go to options>Permalinks.
Header Tags are used when assigning a title within a post. Put a numerical importance to them, ie. <h1> for the most important header, <h2> for a sub title etc. Place the same keywords used in your post title, then use variations of keywords in <h2> and <h3> for optimum effect.

In relation to your Related Posts, When a person visits your blog you want them to stay for as long as possible. The best ways to keep potential visitors interested, is to show them other content on your blog that may be related to the post they are currently reading. The way i did this is by the ‘Related Posts‘ plugin. Upload using your FTP client into the wp-content > plugins folder, then login to your admin panel in wordpress and activate the plugin from the ‘Plugins’ page.

You can use “Site-maps” also to get the most traffic from search engines like Google Chrome, and Firefox. It is best to get as many of your pages indexed as possible. To do this, install theGoogle Sitemaps plugin. Upload it into wp-content > plugins via FTP and then activate from the Plugins page. This will then create an XML file that Googlebot can spider and then find all your content. You’ll need a Sitemaps account though where you can register your new Sitemap.

Also, Keep It Fresh. Search engines love fresh content. So when you are posting regularly you will find that Googlebot / Slurp / MSNbot will come round more often to spider your fresh content. One tip to suggest is to use the timed post feature to release posts that you have prepared for the future. This comes in particularly handy when you are off on holiday somewhere without any internet access. To set a date and time for a release date, click on ‘Post Timestamp’ and select your date and time.

Can you make it Unique? Keeping your content unique, takes away the risk of being penalised for duplicating content. Although it can be easy, and tempting to copy and paste someone elses content, or use a syndicated article, you will not benefit from it.

Building Backlinks are used to get more traffic. Ideally other blogs will like what you write and link to you, but if you are just starting out and need a little exposure then submit your blog to one of the many blog directories. Other ways to get backlinks is via commenting on other blogs and using trackbacks.

Take advantage of social sites also like DiggDel.icio.usBebo and Myspace. One of the best ways to get your content out there, and exposed, is to install the ‘Sociable‘ plugin. All you need to do is upload into wp-content > plugins then activate from the Plugins page. Each of your posts will now have a link to submit it to one of many social websites. I find that if a story gets picked up on one of these sites it can go viral … so install Sociable ASAP!

The course i am studying also touches on HTTP logs, and Server logs for performance, and also teaches you how to build web, and virtual servers, IIS, FTP, DNS, E-Mail, Browsers, Networks, Security, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBUI, OSI/RM, basically, all you need to know about the web as an in dept study.
Web Development is one of the top ten sort after skills in business for 2010, and i am going to be there at the start in selling myself to business.