The Future

Your never to old to learn. I am presently studying for a qualification in Web Design Management, which is nearly at its end. This means that i will be a qualified Web Manager dealing in web design, server management, web security, networks, Internet protocols etc…..

But, am i jumping the gun in looking at job vacancies in Web design, Web Development, and Web Managers positions? Yes!! is the answer to that question you might say, because I have no relevant experience in the field. There is no harm in having ambition though is there?? Don’t companies like ambition? or is it all about experience???

I am web savvy, as well as experienced in using Dream-weaver 8, and Dreamweaver CS4. I also use Photo shop Elements 6 for my image rendering, and Adobe Flash for adding dynamics to my web sites. I am also familiar with ‘WordPress

My working career is in Customer Service Administration in the public sector. I had a decision to make in 2005 however, stay within the civil service with no prospects, or take voluntary redundancy? well, i left with a sizable sum and started about pursuing a new career in web development. I want to be a web designer, so started studying to make my goals a realisation.

Until such time as i qualify, I am doing temporary work to make ends meet then i hope to persue my dream job in Information Technology, working in web design.

The world is going crazy at the moment, being in a deep world recession, but no where near the scale of 1929. Crisis like these can put your dreams on hold, with things still bad for the economy, and no money circulating the country, means no lending to businesses, which in-turn leads to no recruitment, business having cutting back on their budgets, meaning mass unemployment for all.

The markets are now moving in the right direction, from a down-turn six months ago. Hopefully unemployment will recede, more jobs will be available for people like to start realising their dreams.

I am just looking for that one chance, to work with experts, code crunching, learning all there is about web design.


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